Sunday, May 16, 2010

I`ve been horribly sick for a week.I had the flu shots ,but I feel like I have the flu.I am most definitely seeing the doctor tomorrow.
So,have not been anywhere really,but have been doing stuff,lying down,doing stuff,lying down.Remember the guy Ronnie who has sheep from my post back in March?Well,his folks had the shearer come in & do some of their sheep,the rest get done in June.They only get 40 cents a lb.for their raw wool.They have to pack it up & send it out somewhere,my friend,Cathleen said she thinks Woolrich gets it.Well,this year they didn`t get it,I bought it all.I had a whole Ford bed truckload of bags of it 2 Fri`s ago & stored it in our shed along with the mohair.The shed`s not smelling too good these days.
I`m only a beginner spinner,but I was really happy with this wool.I can`t see anything wrong with it,no second cuts,the crimp was nice.It appears to be Suffolk sheep,they are a meat sheep.These people have them cause they love them,not for the meat.Often times they give away lambs that must be bottle fed .I washed only an eighth of a bag,drumcardered it,& spun it so I have enough of plyed yarn to start Ronnie something.The yarn is "resting"on the birds perch after soaking it ,squeezing out the water & hanging it with a heavy can to relax it.They have never had anything made from their sheeps wool,so I am anxious to make Ronnie something.It would make him so happy.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

The sheep are just lovely, I've always wanted to own sheep, sadly I probably never will :(
Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, I hope the doctor will make you feel better, and quickly !

Baggaraggs: said...

Oh Gosh Phyllis, I am so sorry to hear you are feeling sick. That STINKS! What are your symptoms? Sometimes I think that any arthritus is conjoined with digestive problems. What can I do to make you feel better? A Doll Maybe? Pick one out and its yours. Love to you. Robin

Debra said...

I'm sorry that you're sick...I have been too...The sheep and wool are so pretty. I love it that you're going to make the sheep owners something from their wool. That's very sweet...

phylliso said...

Thank-you J0,Robin,& Debra for your thoughts & prayers.The doctor said I have pnemonia.Didn`t I have it last year at this time?
Robin,so kind of you to want me to have a doll.Do you need any more mohair or sheeps wool for your dollies? phylliso

Tammy said...

Hope you are feeling better now. That pnuemonia can be scary stuff. The white faced sheep look like they might be crossed with Dorset. Dorset wool makes nice strong sock wool and should take dyes easily. I don't much about the Suffolk, except that they occasionally have some dark fibers in the fleece which can effect the price commerical wise. Shouldn't bother you a bit though. Looks like it's beautiful stuff! Also this type of wool is great for wool mattress pads (which are suppose to be very therapuetic), since it is springy and holds it's form well.