Sunday, May 23, 2010


Since I`ve been laid up with pnemonia,I really am trying to take things slow.I get out of breath so quickly.I go back to the docs for the 3rd time Tues.Having RA makes it difficult to get rid of "bugs",& I also believe the arthitis is now affecting the veins in my lungs.
Something happenned to the computer,first we had to get a new mouse ,couldn`t figure out that we needed THAT right away,now all of our screen has little bitty writing instead of normal viewing words & pics.Don`t know what`s up with that.Is it that way for everyone else looking at this blog,I wonder,or just our computer?
Well,here are some pictures of the flicker.I have been stalking them a long time now.This was a pair,but when I realized there was another coming out of the cavity of this tree,he flew before I got his pic.I am watching to see if they are going to nest here in this tree.We have alot of trees that they are working on.


Debra said...

Your blog looks normal to me-sorry you're having health problems and computer woes. Please don't do too much-you need to rest!
You're lucky to have the flicker nest picture.
Love, Debra

phylliso said...

Thanks,then it`s just our computer.
I feel blessed this year to view so many different kinds of birds,today was a good birdwatching day for me.phylliso