Sunday, May 23, 2010

Good Birdwatching Day

I have only seen an oriole here once the many years we have lived here.Today I saw a pair.They appear to be building a nest.My putting out orange slices all year has finally paid off.
There`s also a pair of great crested flycatchers.They were bullied around today by the robins & catbirds.They tried repeatedly to be in our one pine tree,but had to settle on in the woods in another pine.
The flickers were working & calling to each other on the cavity.


Baggaraggs: said...

Phyllis, I got some capasium today. I ask the pharmacist about a joint rub and that is what she suggested. I was tempted to get some tiger balm. I hope you are doing better. Please take care of yourself. Is someone helping you? It takes a long time to get over pneumonia. Take it easy please. Give yourself lots of sleep time. Hope your Baggaraggs folks arrive soon. Hugs, Robin

phylliso said...

I break out with capasium.I use mineral ice & bengay.Sometimes I rub vicks on my face,spareingly,to help with breathing.
I do too much because I`m expected too.I just have been taking short "naps",I don`t sleep but have to lie down every so often.That is the worse thing to do with pnemonia as it settles in the lungs more.When I get over it,I`m asking for the pnemonia shot they give,it lasts for 5 years,I believe.
Thank-you so much for the gifts,they bring a smile to my face,I love them.It`s so nice to have such a caring friend,love & hugs,phyllis