Saturday, May 29, 2010

Acts Of Kindness

I`m recovering from the pnemonia slowly.My antiboctic was changed,got a chest xray,& am still tired as I`m off the Enbrel for my RA {it may play a part in not helping me get better}& of course my arthitis is going to flare up now.
I thank Robin for her kindness in mailing me gifts to help me feel better.She is incredibly talented.You can find her at Baggarags.Someone needs to "find"her & put her dolls on the cover of Art Doll Quarterly.I received these gifts a few days ago.Every time I feel like not ever blogging again,sharing pics & stories,I am reminded by people like Robin who are caring people,don`t even know me,but we all feel as if we are connected somehow to each other.I thank Robin from the bottom of my heart for thinking of me & checking on me.
At my last doctor`s appt.I noticed a elderly man I`ve seen standing at the desk many times.He is so cute & sometimes sings a song to us-the girls behind the desk & the patients waiting.My family doc knows my whole family & I don`t know what we`d do without him.Anyhow,this day I was checking out,the gentleman was coming in with a bag from walmart.He handed the receipt to the girl behind the desk & said,I told the doc it was going to be $90.She then disappeared with the receipt,& it was then I realized my doc was quietly paying for this man`s prescription he needed.I guessed the many times I`ve seen him off & on standing at the desk that this is probably what was going on.I feel that there is a chain of blessings we don`t think about or notice.Here was Robin blessing me with her friendship,my doc blessing the old man,& the list goes on of things happenning in our every day life,I thank & praise God for reminding me of this.

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