Monday, June 28, 2010

Blooms & House Wren & Mushrooms

Everything here is growing ahead of time,by 2 weeks,as is most places.My bee balm doesn`t come into bloom till around July 4th,but it has been blooming for awhile now.It spreads & spreads & I love the colors all mixed together,red,maroon,lavender,purple.I had to put more epsom salt on my hydrangas this year to acidify the soil so they are more blue now.I got this 1 hydranga from a clearance pile one year,it didn`t have a tag,& it is so pretty,I used to know the name of it,will have to look it up again.
These mushrooms grow at the base of this uprooted tree,& all around it in June,then goes to a slimy mess as the summer marches on.Many insects love it.
I was wondering where the house wrens were,this 1 has been showing up now.


Andora said...

Love all the nice photos..the mushrooms I love to photograph,we have those same ones here..and what exactly do you do with the salt??do you dig a hole around the hydrangea and put it there or what???...I would really like to know..I have never heard of this...great post and info..thanks

phylliso said...

The directions are actually on the bag,got my bag at walmart.I sprinkle about 2 tablespoons at the base of the bush.It is also good for all acid loving plants like holly bushes & azaleas,water with the hose & wait,doesn`t take long for them to turn color.phyllis

Julie said...

My bee balm is blooming early also. But it is my mothers corn fields that have us all in AWE. They always say knee high by the fourth of July. Well it almost the end of June and it is over our heads. We have never seen anything like this before.

phylliso said...

I was just going to blog about the corn myself,Julie,our local farmers are selling it already,& it`s really good too.Just think,we had all of that snow in March,now the corn is ready!phylliso