Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jewish Orthidox

We get our hay from Cathleen & Lamar`s farm,& I go there weekly for raw milk that they have a permit to sell.It is only $2.50 a gallon.I also get free range eggs there that they sell for someone else.On their organic farm,they are not allowed to raise chickens.There is a reason,but I don`t recall.
I have been praying for them,they were struggling as alot of farmers are when we first met them a year ago.Our prayers have worked as when they started this selling their own milk & things,their farm started taking off & they`ve had to hire farm hands now.Cathleen is pregnant,she & her husband are in their 30`s & have been married for about 7 years,now they are going to be blessed with a child in Sept.She is not allowed to milk anymore,so I like to go over when they milk to chat with her,she is sometimes not too busy to talk.
She told me some time ago about the Jewish Orthidox people phoning them about their milk.She believes they are from New York.She received many phone calls from them before they came out to their farm.Did the cows ever have turned stomachs? Did they ever have this,that,or the other thing wrong? So,they made arrangements to come out to their farm to have a look.They wanted Lamar to let them pick out one cow & they would get milk only from that one cow.Lamar said ,it can`t be done that way,the milk has to all go to the parlor & get processed at the same time as you only have a certain amount of time to get the milk at the right temperture.
So one day they came out,there were a group of them,all dressed in completely white starched shirts,some had the sideburns in braids,& they were there to inspect each & every cow that came into the barn to be milked.They also went inside the barn to watch the milking.Lamar was nervous,the barn is not the place to wear white shirts,but in the end,they must have passed their inspection,they bought 300 gallons of milk.Lamar hand bottles & caps them all,so I`m not sure if they had a tanker truck for the milk,or had to wait till the milk was bottled.I kinda think that they had to wait as Cathleen said they came in to use the bathroom.Isn`t that something?I hardly ever stop & think about other religions & how they believe.I guess the Jewish Orthidox are all about following the old testament.We are wondering when they come for milk the next time,will they do the inspection again? My bet is that they will.

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Debra said...

Wow-that was an interesting story. Hope you are feeling good. I gotta go catch up on your blog...Been away too long.
Love ya, Debra