Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spinning & Crocheting

The doctor said I`m completely over my pnemonia now.Yeah! I`m having a test done at the end of June to determine if I`m getting food into my lungs sometimes.With the Ra I have had trouble with choking on my pills & food,& I told him I swear things are going down "the wrong"hole,like the flap is not working right or something.
This is what I`ve gotten done while been ill.I have been "playing" alot instead of doing household chores,I have alot of catching up to do both inside & outside the house.
I bought some roving when I went to Phylleri`s open farm day & this is called bee balm.It is almost a pokeberry color.Spun & plied it has a little strand of purple or dark red through it.The other roving I just started to spin is called sweet violets.Her roving has various shades of the different colors,she has colorways on her site,Steam Valley Fiber farm,on how you can use these different colorways in your spinning to get a certain look.I always like to be surprised at the turnout.It is still fun for me & I don`t really care what the outcome is,maybe someday I will.
I have done this much on Ronnie`s throw.It is a crocheted shell pattern,very forgiving in my first all sheep`s wool spinning project.I washed,carded,spun,plied all of the sheep wool in this throw.They never had anything made from their sheeps wool.I need to stop playing with the roving & spin up some more wool.I was so tired of seeing white.I have only used about a 16th of 1 bag of it so far!I really bought it to mix with my mohair,but wanted to do this throw first.

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