Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meet Simba

Cathleen showed me this kitten back in May.He had been stepped on by one of their cows.I told her I would take him when he gets a little older,his sister was crushed by a hay bale being thrown down from the rafters,kittens have to learn to stay out of the way on a farm.
In the meantime,her other cat had 9 kittens,had these kittens all day long.I will probably be getting 1 of them too.She has 7 now,2 died.
I haven`t had kittens for years.We haven`t had Simba a week yet.He slept all day the first day we had him,I was afraid he`d die haven`t hardly eaten anything,but he`s perking up now.Yesterday we "lost"him for 3 hours.I was sure he had gotten outside when the dh left the door open.So I was walking around our 5 plus acres carrying a dish of wet cat food that he loves,calling for him,phoning the neighbors,hyperventilating,sick over it.The dh had went away,& when he came home,he began looking for Simba in the house while I sat on the deck with the dogs outside & the dish of cat food,hoping the dogs or I would spot his tiny little body.
Well,it wasn`t long till the dh called me in to the parrots bedroom.OMG,had the macaws killed him? No,he was perched up high on a box calmly watching the birds with his curious eyes.I never thought to look up,cats do actually climb on everything that they can.
Poor little guy,we are starving him! He has to help himself to the dry dog food,& he has almost no teeth to try to eat it!


Tammy said...

Lucky, lucky little kitten! I'm glad you took him and will give him a good shot at a long healthy life. I do 'roll call' two or three times a day (officially) and a head count several more times, with the six kittens. I'm paranoid I guess, but it'd be so easy for one to slip outside. I've been pretty stern about teaching them to stay back from the doors though (stomp feet, and growl get back before opening). It's amazing the places they will find to sleep or rest, and definately they love high places!
Good luck with the baby and I hope you get another too, since they seem to love to have another kitten to wrestle and snooze with.

phylliso said...

I plan to get another kitten from the other litter when they are ready so he has a companion.I guess I will take pictures & try to find the rest homes.I had thought about getting the cats fixed for them,but she believes the one is pregnant again already.
I think it`s great you made a place for yours & don`t let them get outside.I will probably get mine a harness & take him out with me on a leash,it will be easy to train him since he`s still a kitten,my friend has a cat she walks on a leash.Should be interesting...phylliso