Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vet Call

Since being moved over to the livestock panel pen,my boys have been rowdy & playing more & rubbing their horns more,on the apple trees that weren`t producing, & getting locked up with each other ,& 3 times now getting stuck with their horns through the fence.They were do for their shots, so yesterday the vet paid a call.Hendrix had an abscess between his horns that had broken open some.I was treating it with cleaning it & it looked pretty good,however we are giving him pennicillin shots just because of how it openned may spread the infection.He models his new silver sprayed head for us to keep the biting flies from bothering it.
I couldn`t use Blackie`s fleece from this spring`s shearing as his skin is so dry the fleece had dry skin scales throughout,even though I gave him supplements.The vet suggested I bathe him twice a week in special shampoo that I have to go pick up.I hope I can keep at it so by fall his fleece will be worthwhile.She suggested I do not brush him,it may aggravate it & cause a skin infection.


Anonymous said...

Phyllis..bless your heart and your sheep that needs treatments. I never thought about a horn getting an infection. WOW, I think washing a small dog is a chore, I can't imagine washing a sheep! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your 'baby'!

Baggaraggs: said...

Phyllis. I am feeling a little sheepish about saying this but you need a sheep laundress. How are you feeling anyway? Girl, they are a lot of doggone work, I think they need to start paying room and board. :0) Its always something isn't it. And it always costs alot of damn money. Love and hugs, Robin