Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Butterflies are hatching out in numbers.We see many coming from the forest & some linger in the moist sand we used to fill our grandson`s basketball stand up with,


Anonymous said...

You must have a really good...long lense camera! Your pictures are so good, and close up! I love the bird with the nesting material in its' mouth! :)

Andora said...

Great shots...I love to take pics of the butterflies and birds...thank you for the really nice comment you left for me...it is very hard for me to see them go off to war...thanks again and you have a good rest of the week..

phylliso said...

Yes,I use a canon rebel with a long lens.I posted about it a few posts back,should be there alongside on the left.The robin in the pic has a wierd feather,I`ve posted about him many times.I don`t know if he is the robin I pulled off the road after as a baby he fell from his nest or not.I placed the baby in the woods where his parents were & my dh & I watched them feed him on the ground.That was many years ago,now this robin with the wierd feather comes every year & follows me about the yard.He now has a mate now.phylliso