Friday, July 30, 2010

Another quilt panel quilted

I`m on a roll using my sewing machine .I have a love-hate relationship with the Pfaff 2046.When it works,it is a dream.I have learned with my use of it, not to change my pace when sewing,if I do,the thread breaks.Do not use a needle that is the least bit dull,the thread will break.Use a needle with a big eye & above all,use thread you have just bought like an hour before your project...or the thread breaks cause it`s "old"thread.Ughhhh.I had bought loads of fabric from ebay sellers & my upstairs is crammed with fabric so I decided to try to play catch up.It helps when people are having babies.I go up & see what goodies I have on hand.I love this panel & bought 2 as they must have been on sale,but I didn`t have the backing to match for 1 of them,so I have a plain pink to put on the back of the other panel.

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