Friday, July 30, 2010

Black Tiger Swallowtail


Baggaraggs: said...

Phyllis. You would have flipped. My DH and I went to gainseville to the Museum of natural Histories Butterfly Rainforest. THEY HAD BLUE MORHO"S...a million gazillion differnt butterflies flaoting about in a beautiful garden. I brought along my trusty camera only to discover I had left the chip in my printer at home. GREAT! I am an idiot. Love and hugs, Robin

phylliso said...

I have never been any place like a butterfly house.I know they have one at Hershey Park,but we just have never gone.There is a place at Fort Indiantown Gap,Pa. where they take you on tours to see the rare gulf fritillary,that is on my bucket list to do,I thought we were going to do that this year,but I guess not.
That`s a shame you forgot to put your chip in!I saw one monarch so far & couldn`t get a pic.Thank God I have no close neighbors,I`m sure I look stupid chasing down butterflies to snapshot,lol,phylliso