Sunday, October 31, 2010

Baby shower pictures

I decided to put a few baby shower photos in a seperate post.
Cathleen`s husband`s uncle is who I bought the sheeps wool from.When I discovered that they have never had anything made from their wool for themselves to keep,I decided to clean the wool,spin it,& make something for them as a surprise.Their son has downs syndrom & his job is to care for the sheep. I had first desired to make it for him,but as I crocheted it I began thinking of his mother,so I made a light shawl for her.
On chance Wilma would be there at the shower,I brought it along .I do not know her so when I got to the shower at the church,I looked around & sat beside someone I didn`t know,but she seemed familar to me anyhow.She turned to me & said,do I know you?I think I may know you.I asked her if she was Wilma,& she said,yes.I began to tell her who I was,& I said I have something for you after the shower.We talked,she said that they had missed the deadline for sending our their wool this year.Cathleen knew I would be interested in getting some,so connected us.When I gave Wilma the shawl she was so touched,which made me feel so good.I never got a pic with her with it!!! But,at any rate,Cathleen & I talked about how I thought it was a God sighting,of all the people who were there,I sat beside her,& she was so pleased with it,she was amazed that the wool could be made into something usable,they missed their deadline,we connected,it was just a good feeling...


Anonymous said...

How sweet of you to make these special gifts, and I think God was telling you HE KNOWS what you were doing by sitting next to your new friend!!! God speaks to us in such simple ways, and sometimes we miss it and don't comprehend He is speaking to us!

phylliso said...

I forgot to post that Wilma wanted to pay me for it,I did buy their wool,but I said no.I told her I believe when God blesses you with a gift you can share with someone,it just makes my heart glad that I could do that for her.She was very surprised.It made my day,phylliso