Sunday, October 31, 2010

Last week in a nutshell

I have rarely had so much going on as I did last week.Starting Sun.evenning ,our church had a goodbye  party for Doris & Vernon.They were our church`s in home pastrol care ministers.We have felt so comfortable with them coming to our house,eating at our table,they are 2 people we felt like they were our family when we are around them.It is sad to say,but I don`t feel like we have close friends in the church we`ve belonged to for 17 years.They are true friends ,though,& we will miss them terribly.They have adult children who live in Fort Myers,Florida who have lived there for 15 years,& they have grandchildren they want to get to know,as they know their children are down there to stay now,so they are joining them.One son`s birthday is Nov.4th,& they intend to be there for that occasion.We went to the long pine dam afterwards then to take a few pictures,but it was gloomy,& the pictures aren`t that good.We were amazed at how low the water is in the dam that supplies water to alot of people.
Mon.the shelties Hunter & Maggie had their annual exams & shots.When we got there,a woman was ahead of us,they called her back & she went outside.I thought to myself,oh boy,she must have a doozy of a dog that she can`t bring in without help.Well,she came back inside with her dh holding a black cat.I marveled at how well the cat behaved.They weighed the black cat & went on back.After what seemed like forever,the woman came out of the room,upset.The man came out too,went out to his car & brought a box in.The cat was put to sleep.I thought about my dogs who had to be put to sleep,& I can`t imagine not staying with them till they draw their last breath,I couldn`t leave my pets to face death without me with them.Many people can`t do that though,these people couldn`t.So,that made me sad.
When it was our turn,the vet checked Hunter & I told her how he has been coughing when I pick him up to put in bed with me,his nose looked a little funny too.He is 9 years,9 months.She said he has a cold,took him back to do bloodwork,then came back in & said to me,I changed my mind about Hunter,I`m going to do a chest xray if that`s ok.I said of course.Then the panic attacks came.The experiance with the cat ahead of me,to know the last time my collie had a chest xray she found lung cancer which had spread everywhere,I was praying & taking deep breaths,clinging to poor 8 year old Maggie while we waited.She came back with him then & said he has fluid around his heart & he`ll get better on meds.Maggie got her exam,no trouble till the next day when she called with her results of bloodwork to tell me Maggie`s liver #`s were off.I had to go back over & pick up a pill for her.All & all,I spent $550 on the 2 dogs Mon.Isn`t that awful!
Cathleen`s baby shower was on Wed.My doc appt.was that day too.This Wed.I`m to go for a test where the doctor puts a scope down your throat to have a look.
Thurs.was prayer shawl meeting.
Yesterday was our neighbors fall picnic & kids were there dressed for Halloween.We didn`t really know anyone,but had a good time.They had a campfire outside ,which was nice as it was cool,now today my nose is so clogged it makes a sound like rushing water after I blow it.I wish I would`ve taken my camera,such creative get-ups the kids,& some adults, were dressed in.
And every day I ran our son to the classes he has to go for for probabtion.
That is a pretty big nutshell,isn`t it?


Anonymous said...

Oh Phyllis, My what a post! Full of sadness and news! Feb 14,10 I had my Jake/a blood hound put to sleep after taking care of him hand and foot/paw for 3 weeks. He was telling me with his eyes he was ready to go, and trusted me. Wow..I am still not over it I guess. And then two months later my dear mother died unexpectedly. Your dear doggy friend needs help and I'm glad he is getting it! Such a sweet boy!

I don't know if I've missed your post, but how is your 'bite' on your back? Better?

I was sad you had to say goodbye to your dear friends Doris and Vernon, but even sadder to hear that after 17 years you really don't feel close to anyone at church. I can understand that. We may smile and know people by name but that doesn't make them that special friend that you can call and even be silent with.

Well..I hope all your tests turned out well. I'll re-check your posts and see what I've missed!

phylliso said...

Relatives who die unexpectantly are bad enough,but I really take losing a pet badly too,like you,I never want them to suffer,but it`s so hard to let go.phylliso

phylliso said...

I forgot to say my bite healed up.I could not take all of the antiboctic,it made me sick.It started looking like a big round bruise when it healed.I am going to ask my arthitis doctor about a lyme test.Thanks for asking,phylliso