Monday, November 22, 2010

Beautiful Day

Another lovely day today,I was able to get out in the yard to work a little more,planted some more bulbs,didn`t get them far enough in the ground ,I don`t believe.If I have just a couple more days of mild temps,Lord,I will be ok.
My 85 year old neighbor has been sitting outside since it`s been nice,with his 14 year old lab,Lizzie.I went up & sat with him after I noticed he was out when I walked down the lane for the mail.He is failing,but still as fiesty as ever.He gave me his trousers to hem,I`m the neighborhood seamstress,& so I sat with him awhile.He said,90 more days till my 86th birthday.I thought to myself,that`s a new way I`m going to think about spring coming,in days,not months,& was thankful for Ray.His dog can barely get around,her hips are getting so bad.She backs her way out his door,& makes a big detour to end up that she`s facing head out when she lies at my feet.I pray she will last as long as he does.

I`m leaving you with last nights skies,even more beautiful when the moon came out,a huge stick nest I found in the trees today,the goats getting back their coats already.For some reason I`m getting double pictures of things,I think I must be clicking twice to place a photo on the blog.My computer is so slow,that is probably why I`m thinking I only clicked once!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures..and how sweet you are to care about your elderly neighbor! Some people wouldn't be. :)

phylliso said...

Our neighbors all watch over him,we feed him,take care of his leaves,things like that.phyllis