Sunday, November 21, 2010

Birdwatching & Brady

Yesterday I had to go for hay for the goats & while I was there,Cathleen was up with the baby,so I was able to hold him.He is,such a happy baby.He is very active,his little arms & legs were flying all over the place.
Fast forward to today.I had a red-bellied woodpecker at the feeder this am,but was unable to get a real good picture of him.When I go for the camera,the shelties have a barking frenzy & the birds fly away.Some of the birds are used to them,but not the woodpecker.So if he comes back,I`ll have to sorta slink around the door frame to try to capture a better one.
I saw a bluebird yesterday in my neighbors yard,again,no camera.

This is a darker color junco,I read somewhere that they are better parents than the lighter gray colored ones.I believe I may take a chair into the woods & sit today to meditate & see if I can photograph the birds in a more natural setting.


Aleta said...

Great pictures! Brady sure is a sweetie pie! I'm glad you got to hold him.
Yesterday a flock of bluebirds came by. I know they were here because I could HEAR their cheery voices, but I never did see them. They were all around me, although that could have been an echo.
I love to sit in the woods and meditate. I did that last week with Angel Kitty. I take a back-pack with books and writing material, a stick (to chase away stray dogs if necessary), and Angel on the leash. We went up to the cemetary and sat.

phylliso said...

Does this mean you are going to blog again,my dear bf?
I never did get out there to just sit,it is almost dark already,but I may have gotten some more red bellied pics while I was out in the yard getting it ready to put bulbs in,I had my camera with me,now if the weather just stays nice a few more days,love,phyllis

Aleta said...

My plan is to take my new laptop downtown once in awhile to blog, but it won't be a regular thing because "downtown" is so far away! I will also try to look at your blog and others more often, but it takes awhile for them to load also. So when I go where there's wifi, I'll look more.
I think it is supposed to get cold now here. There's a gorgeous moon tonight! I got some pics, but you know how that goes. . . it never looks as good in pics as in person.
Love, Aleta

Little Wren said...

Great photos. The juncos are so pretty!

phylliso said...

The moon was beautiful last night,I didn`t think I could capture it,so I didn`t try.The clouds surrounding it were awesome,the dogs & I moon watched for awhile last night.
We are getting more & more juncos,most of them are the darker colored ones.Last year it was the opposite,more grayish ones.phyllis