Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bandit the sheltie

This has been some week,I appreciate everyones visits & comments.I`ve been taking care of Mr.Poopy Butt Bandit.
The dh stays up later than I do & when I`m in my room asleep,he & the dogs pig out.Bandit got ahold of some snack that didn`t agree with his delicate digestive balance & proceeded to poop non stop for 24 hours this week till it frightened me,plus not to talk about the 3am & 5am pooping & then butt washing I did while the dh snored away.So,a visit to the vet was in order,no parasite in the stool,if you could call it that,more like clay water on leaves,but she did put him on a pill called Metronidazole.When he was still not acting right,I looked up the pill & started worrying over its side effects.Some dogs can develop a toxcity to it.Then he started with his butt being sore,I worried about anual glands or whatever they are called in boy dogs,so bothered the vet again with my phone calls.But I`m happy to say he is almost back to his normal self.His feet seemed to be bothering him too,& his pads looked sore.They salt & cinder our road alot when it snows & I take them a long walk every morning,so I guess his pads were irritated from that,I seem to recall we had that problem with him before.I bought some bag balm at the tractor supply & that seems to be working & he hasn`t licked it all off like I was afraid he would,so my boy is feeling better now.


Tammy said...

Silly little buggers can keep us busy, can't they? I'm happy to hear he is finally getting back to normal. What an awful mess I'm sure that was, not to mention the worry of it all. He sure is a pretty boy. I have such a place in my heart for the blue merles. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

phylliso said...

Merry Christmas to you too,Tammy.
I worry myself about all of the animals,but he is one who is not usually sick,no health problems so far,knock on wood.Hope you & your critters are staying warm,phylliso

Anonymous said...

Poor Bandit, and poor Phyllis!
I hope dh will not be feeding him at night any more! I went through that last Feb with my Jake boy...because he was dieing..but I didn't mind knowing it was just a little more time with him. I'm glad Bandit is doing better.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011! Hope you have a very nice year!