Friday, December 10, 2010

Reindeer doll

I have made many of these dolls for gifts throughout the years.I usually make a boy & girl,but this year they may not go out as pairs.I have lost the old Butterick pattern & now have to wing it. I`ll just have to make my own pattern as I have many arms,legs,& bodies & heads made,I will use them up this year so I`d better draw out a pattern.
I have decided not to sweat the clutter for now.When I`m creating I have to have the chaos around me for some reason...that`s my excuse & I`m sticking to it!


Anonymous said...

LOL...Phyllis...I will have to also realize that I have to have clutter around me when I'm creating, and when I'm just enjoying my creative mess!

I LOVE your little reindeer dolls! I love dolls period...really I LOVE CLOTH DOLLS! You have inspired me to make a few dolls. After all I do have 5 little granddaughters!

Hope you are doing sound happy! Keep in touch..please! MERRY CHRISTMAS, and enjoy each day of this special season!

Nezzy said...

A girl gotta allow herself a bit of creative clutter every now and again. Your little reindeer doll is just adorable. You are a talent sweetie! :o)

God bless ya and have a most stupendous weekend!!!

Aleta said...

And I love those you made for me many years ago, my dear friend!

Little Wren said...

Adorable dolls!