Saturday, January 22, 2011

Prayer lap robe

My dh & I walked up to my neighbor,Ray`s,house yesterday & delivered a prayer lap robe for him.He is still driving,but seems to be weaker from his heart.He had stints put in,but now there is nothing else that they can do for him.He has had cancer too.We held hands & prayed for him.I`m always nervous when I pray out loud for someone,but it went fine after a few beginning flubbers.I always give thanks first as it`s important to praise God.Ray is soon going to be 86,I believe.He just lost his sister,Lois,who was 90,& lived out in the state of Washington.She did used to live up the road to be close to her brother,Ray,thinking she could be of help to him when he was caring for his wife who had MS.Ray`s wife died many years ago,& he has lived alone with his labs.The lab he has now is 14,she can hardly get around.I always sent Lois cards & little gifts,we kept in touch as she was the one who suggested we rent this cabin,it was their grandparents.We then bought it.We stayed close to her as we kept in touch with her with how her brother`s health was,I would send her pictures of him & things.
He was really touched by the gift & prayer.He has had some questions about Heaven ,talking about things when I would run him up some hot soup or a dinner.I feel now that we settled some things in his mind.He seemed much more peaceful when we left & I believe he slept better because when I took the dogs out at 8pm,I looked up at his house & he had gone to bed.Lately he has had trouble sleeping,& I would worry some when I saw his lights on late.
He was a vet who lied about his age to get  in the service.Our prayer leader thought he would like the red,white,& blue robe.That wasn`t my choise as he is one who does not like to talk about the war.It turned out she knew best as he was really pleased with it,knowing people care & pray for him.


Little Wren said...

What a thoughtful and wonderful thing to do Phyllis! May God richly bless you for your kindness and generosity and for sharing your faith with him. :)

Feral Female said...

What a lovely thing to do Phyllis!

phylliso said...

The small voice inside was telling me he needed it now,& he recieved it so graciously.Sometimes he`s not so nice to his family & friends,he called me an idiot the other week for waking him up.I was concerned for him that at 11am his garage door still wasn`t open.He lets his dog out early through the garage as she can`t go steps anymore,when I take out mine,& goes to the post office for his mail,does his running early.He told me he was ok till some idiot woke him up.I laugh about it,the Lord only knows how I`ll be if I live that long,phylliso

Mary said...

What a wonderful story and I know you brought him great comfort with both the prayers and the gift.