Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spinning on a cold day

I skipped out on church this week.I was in church Wed.night to care for the babies in the nursery.They all had runny noses & 2 were cranky.I have cellulitis in my right eye again,& just didn`t feel like going out.It is bitterly cold here in Pa.too.
This is my progress on the purplely roving I spun.I taught myself how to spin by reading & buying many books.The books say to wind your plied yarn on your skeinwinder,then tie it in several places,take it off,immerse in warm/hot water,blot it,then I hang it on a hanger to dry with a can of soup or something like that for weight.It is supposed to relax the yarn.Well,twice now I had trouble with it getting all tangled up.It takes me hours to sort it then,so as of now,I made up my own rule.Wind it in a ball right off the skeinwinder.I figure it relaxes enough on there.It says in the books not to store it wound in balls,but I am.I will block my work later if I have to.Those pretty hanks of plied yarn I`ve never been able to do.
Here is the fleece I carded in the summer that was part wool & part my goats mohair,if you remember I dyed it with koolaide.I started spinning some of it today while watching the birds outside.Not many coming to the feeder today.Anyways,when I have leftover singles of different colors on the bobbins after plying,I wind them on these antique bobbins I bought at the flea market & I store them in a wooden bowl to use later for my wool applique.

Simba is getting stronger & stronger.He slept with me some last night,his purring put me to sleep.When I woke up,he was gone & I was hanging off the side of the bed,I guess I was afraid I`d lay on him.He`s eating good & using his litter box,getting up & down off the bed,I guess he`ll make a full recovery.I`m still so thankful that we were here when he seized.


Aleta said...

Your purple shawl and your yarn is so beautiful! i love the colors. Some of it reminds me of cotton candy. I'm so glad that Simba is doing better.

phylliso said...

Thanks,we are so glad too,phylliso

Mary said...

That must be interesting to spin your own yarn...and learning from books! when it comes to instructions, I do better when someone demonstrates for me :-) Don't know the story of your kitty, but glad it is getting better.

Little Wren said...

Your dyed batt looks absolutely lovely! What I wouldn't give to be able to produce that kind of color! Well it's something for me to strive for, right? Meanwhile, keep posting those pictures because you are inspiring me!! :) Lovely purple shawl you're knitting as well. Purple and blue and green are my favorite colors.