Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Search for the blue heron

The dh & I went on a small road trip yesterday in search of the blue heron .They have been spotted on Price`s Church road in Waynesboro.After driving up & down the creek a few times,I finally spotted one,just one.I leap from the car & these geese acted as though they were going to attack me.I briefly imagined being flogged by a gangle of geese.
The land is posted against fishing & trespassing,so I was leary of going across the cornfield to the creek.It wouldn`t have mattered anyhow,I startled him eating his supper & only got 5 bad pictures.You`ll have to click on them to enlarge to see him clearly.
We finished up the drive by stopping by the Twin Kiss for sloppy joes.These deer are kept there as pets,people stop for ice cream & sit & watch them when they have their babies.
This fresh green watercress looks yummy growing in the creek there.

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