Friday, March 11, 2011

American Goldfinch

Hopefully I will be able to upload these photos from yesterday`s post- I still cannot edit that post.
Blogger let me know last night after trying to upload the photos again that I have to buy more space.I have used up all of my photo space.It`s only $5 a year to buy space & you get 20 GB of storage.Trouble is,you have to renew every year .It has taken me 4 years to use 20 GB.So,since I want to blog,you may be in for ALOT of photos in the future if my server & I get along....& blogger,of course.
To read about the goldfinch,you`ll have to go to the previous post,I`m too lazy to rewrite it & it will most likely be my bird for next Wed.since I missed the deadline.Plus,I`m posting the naked jaybird.


Debra said...

Hi Phyllis-
Your rabbit is adorable. I know I'm way off your post topic-I couldn't help it-he is so cute. We had a white rabbit for a while. We named him Kaflavik. He was a real handful-we ended up finding him a good home. I think if I try rabbit pets again, I'll get one when it's very young.
Always love your bird pics.

phylliso said...

Thank-you Debra.He IS a handful,thinking of getting him fixed or finding him a german angora female rabbit for more fiber,but don`t want to end up being a rabbit farm!LOL.
Having issues with blogger,FINALLY getting things back to somewhat normal while my house cleaning is duffering.Hoping things are well for you,love,phyllis