Thursday, March 10, 2011

World Bird Wed.

Yeah,I know,it`s Thurs.,but you have till noon today to participate in showing us your birds from around the world at I`m a little late this week.
My bird today is the American Goldfinch carduelis tristis.
One thing to point out is these birds winter here in Pa.all year,they just change their colors when they molt going into winter & spring.They wear drabs colors in the winter,grayish greenish,seen here at the sock thistle feeder.They haven`t yet changed to their summer colors.
According to David Sibley,the females decide where they are going to nest,even though the male may want to hurry her up by taking twigs different places,she ultimatley decides where & builds it herself.She incubates the eggs,her partner feeding her the whole time,he also feeds her & the babies till the babies are 15-30 days old,the female helps him by then.During that time,the female may desert him to start a brood with another male,& the father finishes feeding & caring for the infants himself.
While hunting through my picyures,I found the "naked jaybird."I found him on the ground & he was too small to save,so I put him up in a nest I could reach as I couldn`t bear for him to be eaten by ants,praying for the best.


Anonymous said...

Human's should be as smart as birds!!!

Hi Phyllis..Hope you are doing well!~

phylliso said...

For some reason I`m havng sooooo much trouble uploading my photos to blogger.I`ve already spent 2 hours,I`m giving up for now.I have them all on,then they disappear,ughhhhhh,later hopefully,can`t even correct my spelling!phyllis