Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Angora Goats

It will soon be time to shear the goats,they get sheared in the spring & fall.Blackie`s fleece isn`t that great anymore,it never really was as he gets skin flakes through it that`s hard to get out.It does dye beautifully though.
Ringo,the badger colored goat,has the best fleece,so soft.He is the hardest for me to handle.They all listen pretty well though, sometimes I allow them to roam around without being tied & they`ll always come to me for grain.Jimi & his twin brother,Hendrix,are like big poodles,they are the most friendly.It seems Hendrix has a bit of pine tar on his nose,they`ve been eating up the neighbors Christmas trees.
Their fiber is called mohair.Angora fiber comes from the angora rabbit.
My goats are 5 years old this year.I have not sold any of their fiber,though I have washed & given some away to artists.I like to handwash it all myself.It`s alot of work,& I have alot of fleece yet to be washed!


Baggaraggs: said...


I love my beautiful goat wool...thank you ever so much. Love, Robin

Little Wren said...

Love to see your goats! :) I'm sticking with angora rabbits though. They're a lot smaller and easier to wrangle when it's time to shear I would imagine. I bet you have some great dyed mohair don't you?

phylliso said...

You are so welcome,Robin.
I just started to dye.I will do more this summer.I`ve become pretty adept at lassoing Ringo.The others I just put their collars on & leashes & walk,no mostly run,them out of their pen to graze.They are alot of work.phyllis