Sunday, March 6, 2011

Greenhouse growing

We`ve only had the greenhouse 2 years & are still learning how to heat it without killing off our plants.We will go with the heat lamps again & some electric heat when we start it up in a couple of weeks.
In the meantime,I`m drying fleece in there on the screened racks.It took me all day to wash 1 bag of mohair from the goats.I handwash it all in small batches in my kitchen sink with Dawn dishwashing liquid.I only have about 10 more bags to go,that is including the sheeps wool I bought from a farmer.LOL.
It is actually very shiny done this way.I will have to card out some of the VM I didn`t get out.When I have dyed it,I dyed it before I carded.This next time I believe I`ll dye it after I have it carded into batts.I guess it does not make much difference,we will see.I`ve been liking it the natural color,but feel it is time to dye....

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