Friday, March 4, 2011


I`m taking it as parent hawks teaching their little one to hunt these past few days,they`ve been hunting so close to my cabin,3 of the hawks.I`m sorry these are not good pictures.I tried to use my new photoshop to zoom in & save,but could not do it,maybe I need to put the cd in before I try?who knows?but at any rate,yesterday they came so close but I only got a back shot of one in a tree,I`m not sure even what type of hawk I was looking at.
Yesterday I was stunned as I saw 1 with his talons ready catch a dark eyed junco in mid flight-see his talons extended-I was so entralled with it all{he took it to the woods with 2 other hawks like him following him}& they were quiet as they shared the meal.Today one came so close overhead,but I could not get a good photo,tried to use photoshop,but,I need to take a class I`m sure!
You need to click on the picture to enlarge & see.
I thought for sure they would get the neighbor`s cat,I`ve told them over & over that sooner or later the cat might be a meal for the hawks,but what can you tell people who have 2 children pregnet & still in high school?


Anonymous said...

Hi Phyllis...wonderful action pictures again! Your great at it~

Feral Female said...

Very cool action shots!

phylliso said...

Thank-you dears,phyllis