Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Today is such a rainy & miserable day here in Pa.We had great weather yesterday,got the garden tilled & ready.I walked through the yard,sad because my robin with the wierd feather has not been walking with me.I don`t believe he survived the trek here this year.He was about 6 years old,he was here before Max died because I remember thinking,I wonder if my robin will notice the big collie is not walking with us.
I check out the flower beds,I have already sowed my wildflowers.I get the seeds from Wildseed Farm in Texas & they do extemely well here.Last year I planted alot of foxgloves,I love them,& I see that I will have plenty.You can get the seeds by the pound if you want at Wildseed Farms.
Here are some photos of foxgloves in bloom from previous years.

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