Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I have the hawk, who is still here hunting,for world bird Wed.I am not very good at ID-ing hawks,but I believe it is the cooper`s hawk as I saw her scooping up a dark-eyed junco in mid air,& I know they eat mostly songbirds.There`s 2 hunting,the one who caught the bird flew off with the other hawk to share the meal.I don`t know if it was mom showing her young one how to hunt or what. over to the springman`s blog to submit your backyard birds .


Andrew said...

Hi Phyllis someone else will have to ID your Hawk for you as I have still to get a guide to the birds of the US but it is a beauty.
Many thanks for sharing.

phylliso said...

Thanks Andrew.I looked at someone else`s coopers hawk photo today,I will post on that blog.I have many books on birds,but sometimes I still don`t know.This hawk was larger than what I thought a coopers hawk is.phyllis

Springman said...

I'm going with the Coopers hawk ID too but I misidentified the duck on my own post today!
Great catches!

Gods Little People said...

Those are amazing images. I've fascinated with hawks - they are beautiful and a bit scary because of the way they prey.
Wishing you a lovely day!

Bill S. said...

I also believe it is a Coopers. Hawks are difficult as there are light and dark phases and all colors between.