Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blogger down?

I haven`t been able to post anything since Wed.I then realize how much it means to myself to let things out by writing,I can unclutter my mind,see things from a new view,solve various problems,alot of times from my blogger friends help,& facebook too,though I don`t go there as much.
I kept trying to sign in to get into my account,finally changed my password,& it still didn`t work,kept coming up wrong password.I guess I`m back on track now.I hope so anyhow.It seems other people had trouble too,beginning in the 24th.
Well,we`ve had tornato warnings here in Pa.the past 2 days,& we are lucky nothing came down here.My son & his family were without electric for over a day.We unloaded his refrigerator & brought his food here to our house.We have a generator they could have used,but we kept believing it would come back on any minute.
Dominick`s tramopline was bent up in the storm,he just got it for his birthday on the 8th.My brother is going to see if he has parts to fix it.My son had to tie it to the neighbors fence so it wouldn`t blow out of the yard.I am amazed that we didn`t lose any trees here.
I did get Cloud clipped,he was miserable in the heat 2 days ago.It took me an hour & a half,but I didn`t knick him & he was so happy he ran through the house thumpin his back feet.I got almost 4 oz.of fiber.The fiber is unbelievably soft.He is so white that it is hard to photograph him.


Little Wren said...

Great job clipping him! :) Now for spinning up that fiber....

phylliso said...

Thanks,I followed how you did it,so I`m grateful for that post!Sherry showed me too,but it was easier looking at you progressing through the steps of clipping them so I got an idea of how to cut to get the longest staple length.phyllis

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I think with our internet down for over a day and your not being able to post, shows what creatures of habit we are, doesn't it? Glad we both found something to keep us busy!!

Take care, and I'm glad you're safe!!

phylliso said...

Yes,Kim,I have my morning cup of coffee & cereal catching up reading blogs,it is hard to break a rountine,phyllis