Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cloud`s hutch done,Sunday musings

The 8 foot long rabbit hutch is now done.The dh put it together after I got home from church.It is bolted together in pieces so was easy for him to handle himself.When you get our age,you know you are not getting any help from anyone so everything has to be thought upon ahead of time.Cloud has lots of room now & I don`t feel as worried as he is right outside my bedroom window.
I took lots of pictures the past few days because of all the tornato warnings,I was afraid my flowers would be ruined.But we were blessed not to even lose a tree.Last year I started foxgloves,the wild ones by seed .This year I will sow more seeds as to have a steady flower coming every year.I love them.I should have lived in England,I love the cottage look of english gardens.
I like to re-purpose throwaway stuff,like this bathroom sink,not ours,but it was free,so I opted to haul it home & for awhile used it as a fountain.I cannot lift it in place anymore for a fountain,so I put a some sedum in it that will come up every year.
I wish you could smell this southern magnolia tree.I have 2 of them & am thinking of getting more.I was told it would never grow,but grow it has,both of them rewarding me every spring,sometimes twice blooming.The smell is to die for.Thank-you Arbor Day people for your trees.
Leaving you with a stroll around the flowers,lots of places here for the fairies to play.
When in doubt,look up...


Little Wren said...

Absolutely gorgeous garden pics Phyllis! Cloud is so lucky to have such a roomy and open hutch! I showed my husband the pictures so he could use some of your ideas on the new hutch he's building for my baby bunnies...if it ever warms up enough to put them outside that is.

phylliso said...

It`s been so humid here,& with the storm warnings,I`ve had to bring Cloud inside several times.I am lucky to have a hubby interested in my many animals,can`t wait till you get your sheep!phyllis