Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Casey Anthony

I don`t usually blog about these things,but the disappearance of a 3 year old child 3 years ago? kept me rivated to the tv,following Nancy Grace  till the end.They found the child`s body in Orlando,Florida,& now the mother is finally on trial for the child`s death.I just have to say,my heart goes out to the grandmother & grandfather.The child & the daughter lived with them.It is awful what they are going through now in the court trial of their daughter.The child,their granddaughter,was found in a swamp where the mother had buried dead pets just miles from their home,the 3 year old little girl was found with duct tape around her nose & mouth,the tape still stuck to her hair,but there was little else left of the body.I forget how long it took them to find the garbage bag with this child`s remains.The same duct tape along with heart stickers that were on the child`s remains were also found in the Anthony`s home,that says alot to me.That`s all I`ll say about it,you just have to watch HLN news to see the trial.

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