Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Washing mohair

I spent most of the day indoors because of the heat today.I washed mohair from this year as I had it in the greenhouse & it was in the way & I did that knowing I`d have to get to it right away.I set up screens & old screen doors Cathleen gave me to dry the fleece on.It`s not to rain till tomorrow.I also put some in the greenhouse to dry.I tried to get the rest of the plants out & in the ground,but just could not take the heat.I brought Cloud indoors,I`ll soon take him back out as the sun goes now.
Anyhow,the mohair is awful this year.I have never seen so much veg.matter in it & I may just have to use some of it to stuff dolls with.It`s all getting handwashed,I`ll decide later what is what.
The lady I made the wool throw for from her sheep out of the kindness of my heart & as a surprise, has treasured it so much,she`d like 1 for every grandchild,about 20 of them,my friend,Cathleen says.I will speak to the woman about the projects soon when I pick up the wool.I started the first one already.It is all from sheep`s wool that are normally used for meat.She loves the feel of it as when I handwash it,I use Dawn,& you can still feel the lanolin in it,very soft to spin.I don`t know what to do though,she charged me for the wool,& I gave her the throw after it was finally done.If she charges me this time for the wool,I`ll have to charge her for making the 20 throws.That`s when I have a problem.I just don`t like to charge for anything.


Little Wren said...

That's a lot of washing and drying to do. I have two fleeces I need to finish this spring too...if it ever quits raining that is. Love your handiwork. 20 of them is quite a commitment! Wow!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I think it's very kind of you to share your talent with her, and I am sure you'll find a balance between kindness and the cost.

. said...

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