Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just some ramblings about how God works sometimes

I never blog much about personal things that go on,but this week that`s going to change.My bf has told me numerous times that things I`ve gone through may help someone else.
Last year at this time I was in a bad place.I was again asking God why things were going the way that they were.Even my church friends who moved to Florida in Aug.said,"you gotto be kidding me".when they learned my only son was back in jail again.
He was found sitting in his van at 2:30am in a parking space in town outside an apartment in Feb.last year.A police officer driving by stopped when he saw him & said to him,"Sir,you look really sleepy,why don`t you go in & go to bed?" My then 36 year old said to him,"I would if I could,officer,but I`m locked inside this van & can`t get out." To which the officer said,"Your window is down!"Now,if I had been the policeman,I would have said,"Here`s your sign".like the blue collar gang says.So,off to jail my son went.
He couldn`t get out & ended up in jail for months,some of that was spent in a rehab.He still has a pending trial about this as the keys weren`t in the van that cold night.But good things came from this.
He was put on bipolar meds,went to rehab,& had enough of time in jail to gather himself.We didn`t go to see him,we let his wife go while we watched their children.So when he got out,he went back to his job as a cook.He became really sick,& in Nov.last year was diagnosed with a colon disease & had to have 5 places in his colon removed-not cancer-& now has a colonospoy bag that will soon be reversed.He is in school in the evennings to be a CNA,& finally I believe that things are going the right way.He has been sober for 15 months,but tells us every day is a struggle not to drink.
This is what God does.He sees things in a different way than we do.I said,oh God,why,why?when this happenned.My son was going down the wrong path again,self medicating himself because he couldn`t & wouldn`t handle is bipolar,he chose to self medicate through drugs & alcohol.This is why God put a stop to it & he ended up back in jail as he has been in many times.But the positive things that came from this was all good.He was forced to get the much needed help,& it is good that he did because of his health issue,he could have easily died from his intestines bursting.So,in the darkest of times when we cry out to Jesus,He knows & hears our cries,even when we don`t understand,in time He shows us why things have to go so bad to become good..
Here are some pics of my son,his stepson & daughter & my daughter-in-law  & my own mom on the 8th of May.We were celebrating Dominick`s 9th birthday,my son`s 37th ,& mother`s day.
My daughter-in-law looks like she could be my daughter,which is just creepy when you think about it,hah,hah.

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