Monday, May 16, 2011


Well,I guess his name will be Cloud.My friend,Tina,thought of the name.He does look like a big cloud puff.I baracaded the kitchen & bath today from the dogs so Cloud could get some running around time in.I thought I got his picture with the bloggie,but was surprised to find that there`s no pictures on it.I don`t know what happenned.But he loves Simba & Simba loves to be with him too.Of course I watch when they are together,I can`t say that they play,but I assume that they will as both are gentle with each other & like each other`s company.I have only heard Cloud sneeze once today.I moved him from the living room to the kitchen yesterday.There is less going on there at night.I go to bed early,but dh stays up & smokes in the living room after I go in my room to sleep.He smokes outside during the day as I can`t handle it.I don`t think Cloud can handle it either.Rabbits can have trouble with smoke,so,hopefully that is what it is.I`m hoping to not have to clip him till the end of the month.
Here are some pictures I took of the blooms outside today.I love blues & purples in a garden,it seems to create a sense of peace.The roses are beginning to bloom too.
This wild rabbit was surprised to see me with her mouth full.


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