Sunday, May 15, 2011

Meet Fred & Barney

My friend,Jennifer,works at a thrift shop that sells things for the benefit of a no kill animal shelter.She was somewhat surprised when someone brought in these 2 parakeets to the store wanting them to be adopted .She called me,so here they are.I had to take them,they have a really nice cage too,they are 2 little boys.I had small birds years ago before the parrots.I just love their chirping & singing.They had no names,so I named them Fred & Barney.
Now that the bunny is inside,I worry about him still.Is he breathing too fast,he sneezes sometimes,is that just a common sound that they make? he sleeps alot,well he IS still a baby...I let him hop around today inside the house in 2 rooms.He liked being out to stretch his legs some,& the dogs weren`t pestering him that much,but Maggie,she comes alive around rabbits & tries to hump him like she did the other bunny.Meek, scared,little Maggie who hides most of the time has a crush on rabbits.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I would have taken Fred and Barney too, and I would also be worried about the bunny...It's just what we do, isn't it?

PS: My word verification is barny!

phylliso said...

I`ve been searching sneezing bunnies.He doesn`t have any discharge so I`m going to be positive & go with his moving into our house,the parrots,dust,perfume,something like that causes this.I moved him to the kitchen & only have heard him once or twice since I moved him.Thinking good thoughts...phyllis

phylliso said...

Hah,hah,I just got what you meant by the word verification,I was thinking it meant my usually bad spelling!phyllis