Friday, May 13, 2011

You knew it was going to happen,didn`t you?

that I would have my bunny in my living room.
I couldn`t get on blogger this am,as no one could,& I see now some of the comments & things are missing,but I`m happy to just be able to share again.I had to drive my son about & ended up at the last store in our area to look for a certain kind of rabbit food.They did not have it{who doesn`t carry Purnia?!}but I did find a reasonable priced LARGE indoor house for the rabbit with no name.I had to have it, as well as the cutiest carrier for only $5after 75%off.I`ll get a picture of bunny in it,I had him up to my 86 year old neighbor, who now is in love too ,with the bunny in it.It looks somewhat like a baby carrier,only it`s kinda like a back-pack,only the pack is in front with 2 zipper down sides.It`s really for a cat or puppy,but Bunny fits in it well as long as I don`t zip his behind in the whole way.He is so gentle with me & is not afraid of being handled,but I can tell when enough is enough & he is ready to rest & have his alone time.Hunter is already ok with him as his former owners have always had indoor rabbits.Simba is the most curious,he just is not sure what he is,& was in the cage before I brought Bunny in to check it out.He made the most terrible face when he was in it.
So,some pictures of Bunny outside yesterday,& tonight inside.The fenced in yard outside will have to be more bunny proof as he will get under the deck & I can`t reach him when I let him out to stretch his legs.
As for a name,any ideas? I have Cloud as a possible.If he is Cloud,he will have to be Chief White Cloud.But then,that reminds me of toilet paper!


Feral Female said...

Oh he is so cute! I`m terrible with names but I like White Cloud.

phylliso said...

He is such a laid back rabbit.I never thought of rabbits as having personalities,but he sure does,I believe he will be called Chief White Cloud,he looks so regal with his stand up ears.phyllis

Little Wren said...

He is so cute! :) He looks like a fuzzy marshmallow with tufty ears. ;)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

He's amazing!! I also like the name Cloud!!