Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gray Catbird dumetella carolinensis

Today is world bird Wed.,last week I was too tired to write.I`m showing the pair of catbirds building in our trees.I call them Frick & Frack,where you see the one,the other one is close behind.Usually we have more than one couple here.One year a gang of them were real upset with a big black snake & they actually ran it out of the tree & through the yard to the woods.I wouldn`t have believed it if I hadn`t seen it myself.
So,go to this link & link up with other bird watchers & tell us stories.The link is at the Springman`s blog.
I just had to add pictures of the wren`s nest in the gourd.I have to laugh at the way it is being decorated.It looks like a piece of the goats hay that they attempted to drag inside.I wish I`d have seen that happenning.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

I've learned of a new bird thanks to you !
I'm not sure if these are native in Tennessee, but they are beautiful.
Off to see the video now, thanks for sharing !

Little Wren said...

Great pictures! :) I always enjoy your posts. :)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

These are great pictures!! For some reason I really enjoy catbirds--I think it's because of hearing them at my Grandfather's when I was kid--They were one of the first birds whose 'song' I learned, and because cats were my 'first love!' :-)

Springman said...

Glad you got through Phyllis! I would have liked to have seen those birds chase off a snake too! Your Catbirds are awesome!

phylliso said...

Jo,I should have added that catbirds are migrating birds.You should have them now.They leave in the fall.
Thanks Kim,Renee,Springman.
These birds not only make cat sounds,but they mimic quite the beautiful songs of other birds too as well as some made up songs.I sometimes forget that & run through the yard to see what kind of bird is making a beautiful song & it is the catbird.phyllis

BirdingMaine said...

One of my favorite birds. They are so personable. Nice captures!

Anonymous said...

Great shots of the Catbird - they must be pretty feisty birds. That gourd is a nice place for the Wrens to settle. That should be fun to watch!

Andrew said...

What a beautiful bird.
Lovely images of another new bird for me.