Sunday, May 8, 2011


I`m sitting here having arthitis pain today thinking I can`t get myself together to go to church.Last week I didn`t get there,after taking the dogs out & taking care of critters I went back to bed till 11am! I never do that.
Listenning to the news this am ,I learn that we have had only 3 days of sunshine since March 26th.It rains every day,even if it is just a sprinkle.The farmers cannot get their corn planted,& time is flying by.I myself started plants in the greenhouse & with the lack of sunshine,they sure aren`t getting any bigger.I took my grow light down to use,but maybe I won`t need to use it,the gloominess has to stop sometime.On a positive note,everything outside is a pretty green & not white with snow!
Happy mother`s day everyone!

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Gods Little People said...

Phyllis, I really hope you have some glorious sunshine soon. It can be pretty depressing without (not just for plants!). Your birdie images are lovely... and your new angora rabbit... OMG he is GORGEOUS!
Sunny greetings from Greece.