Saturday, June 25, 2011

Baby Brown Thrashers

The baby brown thrashers startled me when I was tending the garden yesterday.I am glad I took the camera with me.I put off weeding till today,& yet here I sit.There are 2 that I see,one was on the tomato plants & the other in the blue spruce tree.


Little Wren said...

Amazing photos! I'm always so shocked at how clear and perfect your photos are. How in the world do you seem to have your camera handy every time you need it? lol!

phylliso said...

I actually take it with me where ever I go outside,if I don`t I risk the chance of not being able to document who,what,& where I have seen something.I didn`t even see the thrasher till I was bending down,then he was right there looking at me on the tomato branch.phyllis