Saturday, June 25, 2011

Meadow,Aliens,& Bunnies

This mushroom looks like an alien landed in our woods.It is shaped like none other I ever saw.
The meadow is 2 years old now & looks good.The white weeds I left,they must`ve been in the topsoil we bought to put out back.The flowers on the weeds draw butterflies & bugs which then feed the birds.
I had a photo shoot with little Dori,the angora hybrid,& Cloud,the german angora bunny.


Little Wren said...

Glorious meadow and adorable bunnies! They look like Ewoks from Star Wars don't they? lol!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I really love your photos today--I am in love with your bunnies, they just are too cute to be real! :-)

phylliso said...

Thanks Renee & Kim.They are indeed unreal looking-the bunnies.I bought a plastic corner litter pan for Dori & didn`t hook it to the cage & she has the best time rearranging the inside of her cage with it.She picks it up & moves it as if she is redesigning her room.She has quite the personality & knows it too.I`ve been taking some of her hay that she`s been in & put it in Cloud`s cage.I put just a little of his in with hers to they can get used to each others scent before they meet.I plan on trying to breed them in Jan.phyllis

Gods Little People said...

Gorgeous images Phyllis, the wild flowers are so pretty. Everything's gone dry and harsh in this part of the world so I love seeing images of mushrooms and green. The bunnies are adorable! Wishing you a lovely Sunday.