Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Son is cna now

Our son passed his state finals yesterday so now he can get a better paying job as a certified nurse`s aide.He is 37,just now getting it together.He tried welding like his father,but was too much of a perfectionist.He wanted things welded the right way & in doing that he wasn`t keeping up with production.So,he followed my footsteps instead,& I know he`ll be really good at it.He is still cooking,hopes to work both jobs.
His job left him off a couple of hours on Fri.so he could go to another graduation,he completed the probation dept.`s classes ,he was 1 of 26.It`s really hard to finish them & we thought the parents/support people who took them should get some sort of medal too,hah,hah.So glad all of the running him about is almost over.He got a plaque,as did everyone,but he also got a special award,only a handful of people got these awards,1 for perfect attendance,& different things like that.I believe his is for understanding cause & effect,something like that,we didn`t pay attention like we should as we didn`t know he was being reconized for that,plus the kids were beginning to act up.See the balloons in the picture?There were about 4 sets of those,& my precious grandaughter asked if she could have them after we were done eating{they supplied subway hoagies & cake},then she asked for some for her brother,so they ended up with 4 clusters of them.It was funny seeing them trying to put them in the car.I used the sony bloggie to take pictures & I`m afraid most of the ones of my son are blurry.

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