Tuesday, June 14, 2011

One eyed squirrel

This poor squirrel I feel sure has been the target practice of old men with bb guns.He still hits our bird feeder every now & then,but runs when I let Bandit out.It has become a game,how much can I eat before that dog chases me.I put up a baffel,but he leaps from the banister to reach it & has become quite the expert at jumping & running..


Feral Female said...

Wow, I`ve never seen a blinded squirrel before. Poor thing, seems he`s adapted pretty well though!

phylliso said...

He looks like an older squirrel,poor animal,I guess I shouldn`t assume somebody shot him.There`s so much shooting though going on around us.The neighbor above shoots at them & was told by the other neighbor-who also shoots-that the guy was putting marks in the siding of his house.But,he must have forgotten,the shooting continues on...phyllis