Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Mannings spinning seminar

I went alone yesterday to the Mannings,it is about a 40 min. drive 1 way,& I didn`t stay very long because of the heat.There is always a nice breeze flowing down through there by the creek though.The Roclans showed up with their sheep.I missed the shearing of the one,there were 2 more to do,but I didn`t hang out.She had beautiful hand dyed roving,but I talked myself out of buying any as an incentive to get busy on my own fiber.I did,however,want a whole bag of the raw dark brown wool she had,but when I left & walked back around,someone had gotten it.It was nice too.
The only animals there were sheep & angora goats.I snapped pictures of these little tiny cuties.This mohair shown here is dyed in this basket along with some natural.
I was amazed at this plant fiber & watched the people work at it awhile.This wheel on the left is called a wood wheel,I think I understood her to say.It looked like fun beating the heck outa that plant fiber.The girl is spinning flax.I wonder if that would hurt your fingers after awhile?As usual,I was too shy to ask.
I have a wheel like this antique looking one,& I took it apart to put the correct belt on instead of cotton string-which I should`ve just let it alone,so I told these people I was taking alot of pictures of their wheels because of that.They said I should`ve brought it along,they`d have looked at it.I thought about it before I left here to take it along,but I didn`t.They told me I could get more bobbins made for it if I took the mother off & sent the works,not the whole wheel,just the mother part.I had thought it was a flax wheel,but they were spinning wool on theirs.
I was surprised at how many men were spinning there this time,I`d say it was almost an equal ratio of men to women.
Oh well,there is always next year.I`d like to get my fiber washed & done,maybe I could sell some there next year.Didn`t I just write that back in 2008? Oh well,it is a goal I suppose...


Little Wren said...

Oh that looks like fun! If I lived closer I would have gone with you. ;)

A Brit in Tennessee said...

What a spectacular display of craftsmanship, I would have so enjoyed this day out.
I like the thought of simplifying, and returning to one's roots.
Enjoyed this post so much !

Feral Female said...

Very cool outing. Thanks for sharing!