Saturday, July 23, 2011


It`s been miserable here in Pa.The bird bath has been welcome relief to many birds & I`m filling it alot.
Mr.Bluebird brought the Mrs.along today for a dip.Here is that confounded bird I can`t ID.I get so excited to see it,I blur the picture when I take it.The birds colors are changing as I thought that they would.
The hummingbirds must have hatched out & fled the nest,many have been swooping about.
The wren waits his turn at the feeder.
I`ve been working inside washing wool & drying it outside in the heat,& my house is starting to look like something from the hoarders show on TV,bags of garage bags full of the cleaned fleece.
I`m almost finished with the roving Sherry gave me,it is a beautiful natural gray with little bits of black & dark brown in it.I forget what kind of wool it is.


Little Wren said...

That grey roving is lovely! Looks like you've opened a bird sanctuary. I'll bet they're very grateful for the cool water in the heat!

Alice said...

The bird looks like (and I'm probably wrong) a Nelson's Sparrow,

Great hummingbird shot!