Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Death of Family Member & our Friend

My daughter-in-law`s mother passed away.It`s been hard to think of what I want to say.For now,I`ll just say she called me her best friend as I am the one who takes her places ,to her doctors appt.,& things.I just dropped everything a month ago & ran her to the er as she was doubled over in pain.She was admitted that day.She got better & I took her to 2 follow-up appts.plus a colonoscopy.She had to have the test done over & it was to be tomorrow again I was to take her.She was found dead in her bathtub on Sat.She had been dead a few days.It was 93 in her house.She was keeping her youngest daughter`s dog while she was on vacation,so the dog was in the home with her when she passed.The daughter came home to find her that way.
Her husband died 3 years ago,& they were keeping the dog then when he died in his sleep.The dog was at his feet when he was found.Isn`t that strange,they both died at home & the dog,Bella,was there.Poor dog,she is a husky mix.
My friend is a Christian,so I know she is in no more pain & is in her husband`s arms now.I have other things to write,but just not now.I took her picture with our neighbor`s great great granddaughter the day I blogged about the wild bunnies she rescued,Nancy was in the picture I took with the little 10 year old.I didn`t post Nancy,but I am today in rememberance.They should find out what caused her death today.The 3 daughters used the picture I took of her on the 14th,,minus the bunnies, to place in our newspaper.I don`t even know why I was moved to take a picture that day,but her family was grateful I did,She had scolosis,her right ribs were resting on her right hip bone,that`s how bad it was.The Lord only knows what that must have done to her organs inside.Nancy was only 61.It`s hard to believe she was here 1 day,then gone the next.


Alice said...

Just came across your blog today. I am so sorry for your loss.

phylliso said...


Debra said...

Phyllis-I am so very sorry. I know you must hurt from all of this. I'm glad you were able to do things for her and make her life easier.
Much love and prayers to you.

Tammy said...

Sorry to hear about your sudden loss. I know it can be so painful,even though you know she is certainly in a better place. It still makes it hard for those left behind to cope without that soul in your life.
Take care,

Lilac Haven said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Sorry for the loss of your friend.

phylliso said...

Thank-you everyone.
The service was beautiful.She couldn`t afford it,thankfully a relative paid for everything.I certainly got an eye openning jolt when I found out how much a certain church charges for things.I thought if you were a member,you would have the service for nothing.I was going to blog everything,but I won`t.I`m so glad I belong to a church who considers the needs of its members,we are so blessed, that`s all I`m blogging,phyllis