Friday, July 29, 2011

The Cat & Rabbit Story

"Pssst!!! Hey,Simba,Dori the rabbit here,wanna come & see my litter box?"
"Really,you want me to move from this comfortable place? I weigh 15 1/2 Dori,last year the vet weighed me in at 6 lbs.,you really want me to move?"
Simba,"no way,Dori,this is your box?Wow,how fancy!"
"Yes,way,Simba,look while I use it."
Simba says,"Hey guys,come check this out!!! They get to pee in a willow basket!"
"Yeah,"says Dori,"& I let Ginger play with your toys."


Stace D. Farrow MEd, LPC said...

Ah! A kindred spirit! I also have a cat and a rabbit that love each other...most of the time. Your rabbits are beautiful! I have a miniature black satin, George and a Siamese cat, Phoebe. They're great playmates. (ps...please don't check my's late...and I'm over 40) :-)

phylliso said...

Hah,hah,my spelling is not the best either,glad you stopped by,phyllis