Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Surprise

Last night at 9pm my daughter-in-law rolled in here.It`s still your birthday,she said,& my sisters & I feel that you should have mom`s spinning wheel.
They are going through their mother`s things before the house gets locked up as she had financial debt & didn`t own her home.
The wheel was never used by her.She & her husband bought it at an auction.
It is antique & is missing some parts.But it really touched me that the girls would want me to have it.They said they remembered their mom saying,don`t touch that,don`t spin that around,get off it.
I had to smile ,I could hear Nancy saying that.Now I have to find someone to work on it,but the dh has already started.The bobbin is really small.I will probably need someone`s help at least to make more bobbins.
It smells like Nancy`s home,a mixture of cigarette smoke & Vicks she rubbed on her legs.
It is a small wheel.Theresa found a part in her car that was missing,today,the mother of all.The dh made a footman thing for my antique flax wheel,it`s a piece of wood that connects the pedal to the wheel,this one will need one too.Maybe the Mannings will know someone who works on them.


Chinatours said...

Cool dog, Shepherd?

phylliso said...

He`s a sheltie,welcome to my world,phyllis

Little Wren said...

What a thoughtful thing to do! Congrats on the new wheel! :) It's lovely and looks like the antique it is.

phylliso said...

My heart is hurting today for Nancy,thank-you for comments,phyllis

Chinatours said...

Wow, Sheltie, nice!

Lilac Haven said...

NIce to have as a remembrance of your friend.