Wednesday, August 3, 2011

World bird Wed.

Today is the day we post pictures of our backyard birds,so get your pictures & post over at the springman`s blog.It`s alot of fun to see all the different kinds of birds from all over.The link is
I`m entering these fuzzy pictures of some sort of warbler who stopped by for a day.If I hadn`t been outside having a cup of coffee I would have totally missed him.He seemed to be eating something from the leaves,at first I thought he was eating the hollyhock seeds,but I believe now after reading about warblers in David Sibley`s books he was hunting insects or worms.
If I`m wrong with the id,please tell me!The other 2 birds I didn`t know what they were left,I`m almost sure.I haven`t seen them out & about.


Springman said...

Hi Phyllis!
Great that you spotted that little fellow. Your garden looks like a lovely place to enjoy morning coffee with a bit of bird watching. Cheers!

missing moments said...

So love springman's posts! Learn so much about birds all over the world. Glad you shared!

holdingmoments said...

I'm not very good with ID's of your birds from your country, but I'd guess a warbler of some sort; getting rid of all those troublesome insects for you. :-)

eileeninmd said...

Great sighting and a pretty bird. I am not sure which warbler it is, I'm sure someone here can help you.
Have a great day.

Sondra said...

IM gonna go wayyyyyy out on a limb and say its a female Prothonotary warbler--but not 100% sure....Whatever it is...ITS so cool to have wildlife right in your own backyard!!