Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sat.brown thrasher

Sat.I spent the time in quiet meditation.The dh went to Hagerstown,Md.for the bike show there.I took photos & spent the time to myself.
There have been those pesky hawks out & about,& I saw 2 who seemed in cahoots trying to get themselves a meal.One landed in a tree & I thought I could photograph him,but didn`t see him,though I did see the terrified brown thrasher cowering in a pine.I would not have seen him if it weren`t for the tell-tale fearful chirp he was making.I hung around a bit in hopes of deterring the hawks from this area,& I believe I was able to do that.I didn`t see them again yesterday.No baby bunnies or birds for them here today,Sat....

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