Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wrap-up of my weekend,post by post,Fri.,baby bunnies & Boro Boogie Pickers

Our neighbor`s great-great granddaughter is 10 & is spending the month with her great great grandfather & her father,not sure how many great`s,but her dad is my son`s age & he is the great grandchild.Anyhow,the 14 year old lab Lizzie, my neighbor,Ray`s, has found a bunnies nest,right at his shed & the mama rabbit even lined the nest with the dog`s own black/gray fur.Lizzie was tormenting them,so the 10 year old,little mom that she is,scooped them up & put them in a box,came down here for advice.I went up,taking the rabbits some green hay,& was surprised at how much knowledge she already possessed about their care.She said,I`m to leave them out tonight & if they are still there & alive,my dad said I can have them.
They WERE still alive,so I gave her hay & pellets the next day,her father,being the doting dad he is who only gets his only child once in awhile,went to our local Rite Aid for infant electrolites in vit.water & a dropper,& the bunnies are doing well.
Fri.afternoon -evenning I was hooked into going to our local Harley shop for a band.I was told that we were going to pick up our son & my grandkids,drop them off at M & S Harley,then they would wait for my daughter-in-law to get off work & they would connect.Well,we didn`t go right away.I had my camera & I did take some photos of the band ,& our Savannah,who is the life of any show like this,I should have captured her dancing.
The group is called Boro Boggie Pickers,& they do have cd`s out to buy.They are a bluegrass band,the girl actually plays the washboard.I did enjoy it,but we didn`t stay.I always have the job of "pottying"Savannah,it is nice at first,people assume I am the mom & she goes right along with it,but at some point & many bathroom calls,I`m ready to head home.Here`s some photos from that.The guy with the fiddle is my fav,can you tell? he was the nicest,saying hello to everyone.Savannah hooked up with the guy in the white tee-shirt`s little son & I last heard that they were invited to a pig roast with the band,can that be true?

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